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Contact Information:

I have (sadly) departed the Holmes Lab in September 2007 for the Bioinformatics PhD program at UCSC. My new web presence is here.



Past projects:

  • AJAX GBrowse
    • Writing server-side Perl code to pre-render images, render on-the-fly, or some such combination.
    • Writing the new client-side GUI in JBrowse.JavaScript.
    • Coordinating the open-source development effort.
  • Maintaining the Babylon Cluster and being the sys admin of the lab in general.


Andrew Uzilov triumphantly joined the Holmes lab in September 2005, after surviving a brutal 3.5-year tour of duty as an undergraduate at the University of Rochester, located in scenic upstate New York known for its lovely white winters and snowy, gentle 30+ mph breezes.

He escaped with a B.S. in Biochemistry, a B.A. in Computer Science, and only two toes lost to frostbite.

Previously, he has done research for the lab of Dr. David H. Mathews in computational detection of non-coding RNA in genome sequences on the basis of folding free energy minimization.

Currently, he intends to do research at the Holmes lab with a similar goal - computational modeling of non-coding RNA - but using evolutionary/probabilistic methods. But even more currently, he is a system administrator and programmer for the lab, laying down the foundation for a bigger and brighter future.

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