Fruitfly Bioinformatics Resources

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Fruitfly bioinformatics resources

Bioinformatics resources for multi-species fruitfly comparative genomics.

Mailing lists and wiki

Fruitfly genome alignments: 12 Drosophila species

These links are now a little out of date. See AAA:Alignment for a current list. Ian Holmes - 15 Apr 2006

  • MAVID (Pachter, Dewey; UC Berkeley)
  • MAUVE (Perna, Darling; UW-Madison)
  • MLAGAN (Iyer, Pollard, Eisen; UC Berkeley/LBNL)
  • VISTA (Dubchak et al, LBNL)


These links are available at AAA:Annotation which is more regularly updated. Ian Holmes - 15 Apr 2006