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Journal Club

In 2009, the journal club will be folded into the lab meeting.


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Past papers (2008):

Proposed papers

General theme for fall 2008: evolutionary origins & reconstruction.

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The oldest genes

Disease & biomedical applications


Other pathogens

  • Origin and evolution of M. tuberculosis
    • 9000 year old M. tuberculosis DNA?!
    • Article

Repetitive sequence


Background reading:

Cell biology


See also Transposon Papers.

  • horizontal transfer of DNA transposons in mammals
    • simultaneous transposon transfers in multiple distinct lineages, presumably the result of a virus
    • article

Experimental Validation of Reconstruction

See also...

See also


Lab meeting events (included from Lab Meeting page):

  • 17 Sep - joint BBOP/HL meeting - 381 Stanley
  • 29 Oct - Le Petit Cheval
  • 5 Nov - Chris Nasrallah - 421 Stanley