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Guidelines for Lab Travel

  • Apply for travel fellowships at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Use the UC Berkeley travel agency for airline tickets, if possible, since it saves you from having to be reimbursed for the cost. Verify the price by checking Orbitz or Travelocity.
    • Is this the same as CTS, a campus travel agency? Nabil Ghanem of QB3 tells me CTS is normally more expensive than what you can find yourself, but easier because they can charge the lab account directly, without the need of a reimbursement... the convenience may cost the lab more. (Andrew Uzilov)
  • When flying, use U.S. air carriers ONLY! QB3 will not reimburse you for non-U.S. flagship carriers, except in certain special circumstances, which are very restrictive.
  • Keep all receipts.


  • Submit the original receipts. For the hotel, submit the itemized invoice that shows your final payment, with no amount due.
  • Mail reimbursement form and receipts to Gail Phillips at:

Gail Phillips
QB3 Institute (3220)
237 Hildebrand Hall

  • Up to $75 in expenses can be reimbursed without a receipt. Include dates and descriptions of what the expenses were for.

-- Yuri Bendana - 31 Aug 2006