Stanley Hall

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Stanley Hall

The Holmes Lab is located in 381 Stanley Hall on the UC Berkeley campus, home of the Department of Bioengineering and to the QB3 California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences.

  • Location on campus map (right-hand edge of map square B5, bordering on Gayley Road & University Drive)


  • Parking: you're driving into Berkeley? Seriously - BART not an option? OK then:
    • Parking is easiest if you have a C permit; these can be obtained from us by prior arrangement, if you're visiting
    • The best place to park (with a C permit) is in the Upper Hearst parking structure which is in A5, one map square north (i.e. here)
    • Alternatively there are several parking garages in downtown Berkeley
  • Photo of Stanley Hall from the campus side (taken March 8, 2007):


-- Ian Holmes - 05 Dec 2007